North West (NW) Bicester

North West Bicester is the UK’s first eco-town. It is a Masterplan to bring more homes and jobs to Bicester. The first phase is known as the Exemplar and this phase received planning approval in July 2012.

North West Bicester is governed by Central Government’s‚ Eco-town Planning Policy Statement, often referred to as the Eco-town PPS. No previous eco-project in the UK has demonstrated such a comprehensive set of eco credentials, which meet the original PPS requirements.

This is a vibrant flagship project bringing investment, homes and jobs to the town. It will create resilient, safe and strong communities and provide desirable homes that inspire and empower people to achieve a better lifestyle. North West Bicester is a pioneering project backed by environmental integrity and a long-term vision for the area.

A phased approach

Leading housing provider A2Dominion are leading on the Masterplan for NW Bicester and are the developers of the first Exemplar phase. A2Dominion work in partnership with Cherwell District Council and have appointed a number of expert consultants to deliver this ground breaking scheme.

The Exemplar, which is soon to be underway, is the first phase of a Masterplan to create up to 6,000 new eco homes and jobs in North West Bicester, which will grow strategically, in timed phases.

The first residents will start to move into the Exemplar in 2015 and we expect the entire phase to be completed in 2018.

The wider masterplan is currently being developed and will go out to public consultation in Winter 2013.

The Big Idea

At North West Bicester, we’re creating a new kind of development, one that’s designed to be good for the environment, the economy, and most important of all – is a great place to live.

We’re doing that by creating vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods where:

  •  Families can afford to live
  • Jobs are created for local people
  • Children can play outdoors safely
  • Wildlife can thrive
  • And there’s a strong community spirit

Project Location