Berkeley Square

Located in the Mayfair area of London, close to Berkeley Square, 34-36 Bruton Street has been won under a single stage lump sum competitive tender. It is an £8million design and build contract for a mixed-use development, consisting of retail, office and residential apartments.

Work is due to start for client, Berkeley Square Holdings Ltd, in August 2013 and is due to complete in December 2014. It involves:

  • The demolition of existing buildings on the site – with the exception of the façades to 34 Bruton Street, 36 Bruton Street and 13 Bruton Place, which will be retained
  • Construction of a new steel framed four storey office and two storey apartment building
  • The installation of cladding in stock brick and Portland Stone using hand set techniques
  • Raising the retained façade of 34 Bruton Street by nearly 500mm to align the floor levels
  • The internal areas of the apartments and office floor will be fitted out to a category A standard
  • The internal retail areas will be finished to a shell and core standard