Accordia Housing, Cambridge

The terrace has two different frontages. The more formal frontage is a four storey brick façade and the other is a quieter varied mews street. The mews frontage alternates between two storey studios overlooking the street and first floor timber decks with overhanging planting. Each house is entered through an informal veranda through a small front garden. Variety along the length of the simple brick terrace is provided by the rhythm of balconies and large bay windows that sit above the verandas. The principle living space on the first floor has a higher ceiling, like a Georgian terrace, which is reflected in the proportions of the windows at this level.

The plans within the terrace maximise the width of the living space with the stair in the middle of the plot, between the house and the garage. To the rear of some of the houses, there is a full width studio over the garage, which could become a music room, home office or guest bedroom. The houses fill the plots and external space is distributed throughout the height of the building. The kitchen and dining room open onto the courtyard and veranda and the principle first floor living space and studio relate to the terrace or deck. The master bedroom and its bathroom have their own private ‘sky patio’ with a view into the tree canopies.

Project Location