Zap In The Bathroom To Reveal The Living Room

Zappar, a world leader in Augmented Reality (AR) today announces a partnership with leading London-based architecture practice HLM, using Zappar Studio to create their own AR content and bring their latest concepts to life.

The partnership comes as HLM exhibits its newest concept, ‘Room to Grow’, which was shortlisted in the NLA’s New Ideas for Housing competition in September, addressing the issue of evolving housing requirements. The competition entry, which is on display on the NLA from 20 November – 15 January, is an interchangeable and flexible housing model that can expand and contract to suit the needs of the people who live there.

In order to clearly and interactively demonstrate how the housing model would work, HLM has used the Zappar Studio augmented reality content create tool to develop a ‘bathroom wall’ which can be peeled away with a simple “zap” to reveal additional living space next door. Available on Android and iOS the free to download Zappar app, allows exhibition visitors to hover their mobile device over the zapcodes to discover how flexible housing could work.

HLM first started working with Zappar a year ago, using AR to bring their MIPIM Development Sector brochure to life, showing interactive 3-dimensional models of the projects and video fly-throughs. This partnership continued with collaborations on a hotel development in Dubai and can also be seen on invitations to the gallery’s private view.

Matthew Ward, an Associate from HLM says:

“The concept of Room to Grow housing is that it is designed to allow the easy addition or subtraction of rooms and/or living space. As an individual’s financial circumstances change, they have the ability to grow or ‘shrink’ their floor space within a development. Zappar supports our concept by demonstrating the vision clearly through Augmented Reality. It delivers complex information in a visual way and through this we can demonstrate the true value of the concept and the impact it could make as a viable solution to the housing issue.”

Max Dawes, Partnership Director at Zappar, said:

“Not only are more and more partners discovering that AR can provide a practical solution to delivering complicated and detailed information in snackable ways, but once they’ve seen what Zappar can do, they keep coming back for more. Working with HLM makes absolute sense to us and we’re excited to continue supporting them.”