Zaha Hadid designs 2017 BRITs trophy

Zaha Hadid have designed one of the most coveted award statues in Britain.

The practice has created the 2017 BRIT Awards statue, sponsors Mastercard confirmed today.

The BRIT design project has been led by Maha Kutay, Director at Zaha Hadid Design, and Niamh Byrne (on behalf of The BRIT Awards), since Hadid, who passed away in March, personally accepted and commenced on the brief in January of this year.

BRITs Chairman Jason Iley wanted to create “something modern and culturally relevant” for The BRITs when he reached out to the acclaimed architect at a party celebrating Hadid’s 2016 Royal Gold Medal For Architecture. Iley commented:

“This was a really big night for her and she was still prepared to talk about The BRIT Award and she was really excited about it. A couple of weeks later, as a guest of Sony at The BRIT Awards, she enthused ‘I know exactly how I want to do it! I have a vision for it!’ Which was amazing as she was one of the most brilliant, forward thinking architects in the world.” Explaining his reasons for approaching Hadid, Iley continued, “Zaha’s work is innovative, original and recognises diversity in culture. It has much in common with music. She was the perfect choice for progressing the Award into the future.”

Speaking about the design Maha Kutay said:

“Zaha was truly excited to be doing this.  Her vision was, being an architect, to focus our efforts more on the 3D element, as the statue had previously been used as a canvas for artists to paint on for the last few years. Our design expresses Zaha’s unwavering belief in progress and optimism for the future and a break from the norm.  The biggest challenge was to create something different within certain guidelines, yet achieving a result recognisable to the public. You have to respect the existing to create something new.”

The statue will be fully revealed later in the year.  Zaha’s team will produce a family of 5 statues bespoke for the 2017 BRIT Awards.  Kutay explains the family of five idea, “the concept represents diversity, the family is connected by a wave of transition, they are different yet connected.”

A huge music fan, Hadid had cited a range of artists including Drake, Bryan Ferry, The Beatles, Sam Smith and Adele amongst her favourites in an interview with Desert Island Discs shortly before she passed away.