You can do more with Garador’s new 4 button hand transmitter

Garador has now developed a 4 button hand transmitter which gives it uses the option of doing more than simply opening their garage door.

In addition to programming the hand transmitter to open up to four separate garage doors, they can programme it to control the partial opening feature on a GaraMatic operator or get it to control when the internal opening light comes on.

The new hand transmitter isn’t the same as all of the other garage door openers currently on the market. Garador has designed its 4 button handset with a compact form factor. It’s also small so it easily fits in your pocket and with an eyelet on the end, you can attach it to your car keys for convenience. 

The Garador 4 button hand transmitter also incorporates ultra-secure technology, aimed at preventing burglars from getting into a homeowners garage. By using high frequency encrypted radio signals, that are almost impossible to copy, and rolling code technology, so the code changes each time a signal is sent, it is easily one of the most secure garage door hand transmitters currently available on the market. In addition, this hand transmitter also uses bi-directional radio signals, which boosts the range and reliability of the signal that is transmitted, so homeowners can open or close their door from a greater distance away.

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