Yeoman Shield new Guardian handrails prove a hit at Bradford Royal Infirmary

Bradford Royal Infirmary became the first to take delivery of 2 of Yeoman Shield’s new Handrail products for the ENT Out Patients Clinic and Service Corridor.

The Hospital were finding that the walls in the service corridor were starting to become damaged and marked from impact caused by carts and trolleys. As part of the service corridor is sloped it was decided that both a hand and protection rail would be required in this instance.

Yeoman Shield were able to offer a solution with their New Guardian Twin Handrail consisting of an upper 50mm dia. Handrail (available in a PVCu, Timber or Stainless Steel option) and a lower protection rail (either 200mm or 125mm deep) mounted on a solid MDF or Aluminium core.

The system offers the support of a handrail coupled with the protection rail which by sitting slightly forward of the upper rail, not only protects the walls from impact from wheeled equipment and passing footfall but will protect the handrail also, saving valuable time and money on redecoration and replacement costs.

Thomas Molloy architectural assistant at Bradford Royal Infirmary commented:

“The Guardian Twin Handrail is a great new product and was the perfect answer to our problem. It was fitted by Yeoman Shield’s fixing operatives with respect and a minimum of fuss in a “live” area – as we have come to expect after working with them for many years.” Commented Thomas Molloy Architectural Assistant at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The New Guardian 50mm dia. Handrail in an attractive Timber finish was installed along the ENT Out Patients Clinic corridor providing support for those who require it moving along the passage way.

Also available in a PVCu finish in a choice of colours and a Stainless Steel option, more information on the Yeoman Shield Guardian 50mm Handrail and others in the range can be found by going to or calling the sales office on 0113 279 5854 to request and information leaflet.