Yeoman Shield Joins the NBS revolution

Yeoman Shield’s core group of wall and door protection products have been authored for Building Information Modelling and are now held in the NBS National BIM Library website.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short, has the capability of bringing together all the information about every component of a building in one place. It enables the sharing of this information to be accessible to anyone for any purpose.

This effective way of integrating all aspects of a building’s design will show construction savings by eliminating the risks of mistakes and reducing abortive costs.

Yeoman Shield’s Sales Director, Stuart Russell explained

“With BIM becoming the prevalent way of ensuring your products are specified for Government projects by 2016 along with the significant amount of projects we carry out within the public sector, we thought it good practice to establish ourselves within the BIM modelling giving our products greater visibility to specifiers.”

Yeoman Shield products that are listed in the NBS National BIM Library are corner protection angles, door & wall protection panels, fire rated door edge protectors, hand rail and protection rail and can be found on the NBS National BIM Library website.

Stuart concluded

“We hope that BIM will serve to expand our already buoyant business in the public sector market and we look forward to increasing the Yeoman Shield BIM products as necessary in the future.”