Yeoman Shield contributes to sustainability at Pinderfields Hospital

Yeoman Shield engaged once more with Engie in conjunction with Consort Healthcare and Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust to continue to improve the sustainability and lifecycle of wall coverings in key areas of Pinderfields Hospital.

After having replaced printed graphics on the low level part of the walls previously, with Yeoman Shield Imagery wall protection panels, The Estates Department were keen to do the same for the walls on the other levels of the hospital.

Michael Kenward, Engie Capital Works Co-ordinator Explained:

“The lower part of walls in such a busy place as Pinderfields Hospital really receive some damage from trolleys, trucks and the general passing through of people.”

“The previous patterned wall panels that Yeoman Shield supplied and fitted for us has certainly shown benefit in protecting against damage, keeping the walls looking pristine as well as saving on repair and redecoration costs.

“We therefore thought it wise to invest in the same product for walls on other floors within the hospital.”

Yeoman Shield were required to copy images and dimensions from the printed graphics on the original wall covering. This was then replicated on Yeoman Shield’s FalmouthEx 2.0mm thick protection panels cut and shaped on their in house CNC machine.

Colour matching was achieved using shades for Yeoman Shield’s newly increased colour range. The manufactured panels in shades of Yellow, Purple and Orange were installed, seamlessly against the original upper wall covering, by Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing team. A grey “dado” strip completed the look of the new wall protection panels.

Keeping lifecycles on track

As part of Pinderfields Hospital lifecycle programme, Yeoman Shield were also able to provide a solution to the continual damage being caused to door frames throughout the Pinderfields Hospital.

– The continual repair of which was proving to be a drain on the maintenance budgets.

Door frames are inevitably vulnerable to wear and tear caused by the everyday activity on a busy site, being especially prone to damage from wheelchairs, trolleys and mobile equipment.

When damaged the door frames not only look unattractive, detracting from the clean and pristine environment that The Pinderfields facilities management team work hard to maintain, but splinters, dents and crevices caused as a result of the damage, make the frame work hard to clean leading to a potential build-up of dirt and bacteria.

Michael Kenward commented:

“We have in the region of 3000 door frames on site and a long term alternative to the perpetual and costly refurbishment of the timber frames was required. “

After a survey carried out by a Yeoman Shield Area Sales Manager Steve Hawke, a bespoke product was decided upon.

Post formed Yeoman Shield angles, to the required dimensions, were fabricated from 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx material, for fitting to the existing timber door jambs.

Where necessary a timber infill piece was manufactured to fill any gaps between the frame and angle so providing extra support to the internal angle.

Supplied in Dusty Grey the formed angle protectors were installed at 1250mm high by Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives.

Mr Kenward Concluded:

“Now in place the frame protectors will reduce our repair and maintenance outgoings whilst having a positive effect on the lifecycle of the building.”

For more information on Yeoman Shield’s cost saving wall & door protection products go to or call 0113 279 5854.