Wraptite delivers airtightness to converted barn house

The design and transformation of a derelict barn into a thermally efficient house and home for its new owners is being achieved thanks to the Wraptite system from the A. Proctor Group.

South Park Farm Barn, near Ludgershall on the Hampshire – Wiltshire border, dates back to around the 1830s. Self-builders Ian and Casie McDonald Wood are converting this tumble-down barn into their dream home.

Designed to cost effectively replace traditional airtightness methods, Wraptite is a low-resistance vapour permeable air barrier, which is durable, flexible and lightweight, allowing for easy installation, with the added benefit of providing temporary protection against the elements during construction.

Wraptite-SA, the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA, was installed as part of the construction of the roof, with the combination of Wraptite and Wraptite Tape applied to the walls. The use of the Wraptite system will significantly enhance the building’s thermal performance by preventing lateral air movement. It also provides high vapour permeability in a continuously sealed, airtight membrane.

Wraptite’s high vapour permeability allows any water vapour to escape the roof and walls efficiently thereby avoiding any interstitial condensation problems. This ensures good indoor air quality and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, and timber distortion.