Designing for retro-fit is often a problem as the cost, time and environmental impact of taking up existing surfaces can be prohibitive.

Clients asked for a solution when installing paving or decking at extremely low heights. They needed millimetre precision around tight spaces, sufficient drainage capacity for rainwater to run away from the doorway or wall, but still be low enough to be able to overlay the existing finish without blocking doors or windows.

Wallbarn developed the MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm available for both paving and decking.

This is a loose fitting suspended system; the weight of the slab or timber joist keeps the system secure. The pedestals are fully adjustable via a telescopic thread, so tiny changes in the height are possible. The pedestals have a series of spokes around the circumference and a handle on one side so “fat fingered” contractors can twist the stems effectively.

The MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm is ideal for fitting paving or timber decking onto flat roofs, balconies and terraces. So long as you have a structural surface beneath, rather than take up and replace old terrace surfaces, just overlay them.