Wallbarn water management products

M-TRAY® from Wallbarn helps with storm water management:
Instead of a hard surface which will funnel rainwater into the roof outlets immediately, the soft landscaping attenuates much of it.

The substrate and plants are built up to 100mm depth and delivered to site as mature vegetation. The root structure is well established, so during heavy rainfall up to 50 per cent of the surface water will be collected by the roots and held within the substrate.

This means the initial deluge into the drains is delayed and around half the volume will be absorbed, so much less pressure is put on the drainage systems in dense urban environments.

The slowing down of the water also gives designers a better chance to channel and collect the run-off into comprehensive SUDS systems.

M-Tray® is available with a mixture of sedum species and also with native wildflower planting, designed to attract butterflies and bees.

Wallbarn’s new M-Tray® is designed and manufactured in Britain!

Protecto-drain from Wallbarn, the Class A15 drainage channel for pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas:
It is designed to collect surface water off paved or asphalted areas and towards an underground drainage system. It has an anti-slip, hardwearing galvanised steel grate which maintains structural integrity across the area. This one metre long durable channel is ideal for pedestrian areas for linear surface drainage.

It is installed quickly and easily. Multiple channels are clipped together for fast and simple on-site fabrication. Class A15 and CE marked, certified to EN 1433.

The grate on the channel has boltless locking clips, holding the steel grate securely in place but allowing easy access to the gutter section.

Applications include:

  • domestic projects– such as driveways, gardens & patios
  • public areas– such as pedestrian walkways, door thresholds, squares, recreational areas, schools, parks and playing fields.

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