Wallbarn M-TRAY® is ideal to use in conjunction with rooflights on flat roofs

The sedum plants are low growing with light root structures. This means they are unlikely to interfere with the edges or seals of the rooflights and will not grow up to the extent that they block out the light.

As the M-Tray® modules are only 100mm deep, there is no need to construct large upstands to hold the glazing. It is, however, advisable to install a border of stones around the rooflights to maintain a clear separation from the edges of them. It also gives a clean, tidy finish to the area.

The sedum in M-Tray® modules is succulent so when growth such as flowers die back, they tend to rot away rather than leave stalks. This reduces fire risk but also alleviates risk of interference to light over the long term.

By being modular, M-Tray® if any of the vegetation needs to be removed or changed, or if the deck beneath ever needs to be examined, one tray can easily be lifted without major disruption.

Wallbarn’s new M-Tray® is designed and manufactured in Britain!

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