Wallbarn launches its new 2017 brochure

Wallbarn has released a new brochure for 2017 detailing its latest products as well as its existing product library.

Mini Megapads for paving and TD Mini Megapads for timber decking
Brand new for 2017 is an ultra-low but fully adjustable pedestal for paving slabs. This Mini-Megapad is a completely new design of pedestal, able to reach as low as 10mm in height and still be adjustable by hand. Both Mini Megapads at 10-20mm are available as Mini Megapads for paving and TD Mini Megapads for timber decking.

Megapads for paving
Megapads for paving and TD Megapads for decking go up to 1020mm now. They are extremely tough and hard wearing with a weight tolerance of 800kg.

Balance pedestals
Balance adjustable pedestals with a self levelling head for paving, taking out up to five per cent fall in the subdeck surface.

Metal edging plate for paving
Wallbarn is introducing a new tool in 2017 to help installers of paving set their slabs directly up to the wall. The new Metal Edging Plate is a supporting beam which is laid onto the headpiece of ASP or Megapad pedestals to support the end paving slab when it is butting directly against the wall or parapet.

EasyClick is the ingenious new way to install top quality decking on flat roofs, balconies and walkways. The most luxurious, blemish-free DURO Excellence composite and hard wood timber is fitted up to five times faster than traditional methods. The underside of the deckboards have been pre-grooved, so each board clicks into the bracket beneath and it clicks into place.

EasyChange is the new alternative design for fitting these types of decking board. If users need to access the deck at intervals after installation, then EasyChange is the perfect solution. The EasyChange system has specially designed clips to hold the deck boards in place and by using a special key (supplied), the installers can remove any/all of the boards easily at a future date. Both EasyClick and EasyChange can be installed with tropical hardwood as well as the composite material.

Go to www.wallbarn.com/downloads or call Wallbarn sales office for a hard copy.