Wallbarn ASP adjustable paving pedestals

Adjustable pedestals from Wallbarn are the fast, clean, effective way to construct paved areas onto structural decks. Level paved areas can be constructed onto built-to-fall decks in a suspended system. Instead of bedding slabs into mortar, ASP pedestals lift the paving off the deck, which brings the following benefits:

  • as the paving slabs are suspended, rainwater drains between and beneath them, eliminating ponding water on the surface
  • the deck beneath is not pierced or interrupted in any way
  • the stems of the pedestals have a telescopic thread and are adjusted to make the upper surface completely flat
  • this is an open edge system so there is no need to point between slabs
  • the air gap beneath the slabs helps ventilate the roof or podium
  • installation is much faster as the positioning lugs ensure a straight paving line and the labour required to point is eliminated
  • ugly services such as drains, pipes and cables are covered up, creating more attractive finishes
  • disruption and mess, and the risk of damage to the waterproofing beneath is reduced as mortar is not required and the slabs are not in direct contact with the membrane
  • weight on the roof is reduced



The pedestals range in height from 22mm up to 620mm, so beautiful, uniform, flat paving can be laid onto large and complicated decks. The four lugs on the headpiece ensure clean, uniform, straight paving lines across the area. These heavy duty polypropylene pedestals are durable and hard wearing, capable of taking loads of 400kg or 800kg (depending on design). A large number of different types of slabs can be used with the ASP pads, so long as there are straight edges the corners of the slabs rest headpiece of the pedestal without the need for fixings, the weight of the slab will keep everything in place. If the deck needs to be inspected on a future date, a slab can be easily lifted without disruption.
It is a faster, easier and cleaner way to install slabs onto roofs, balconies, walkways and podium decks.

Please contact the sale office on +44 (0) 208 916 2222 for more details or www.wallbarn.com.