Wall cabinet doors; choose Salice Mover and Mover Flat systems

Mover by Salice is a compact, vertical sliding system for wall cabinet doors. The action of the system is synchronised and controlled, enabling the door to be held in any position.

Mover does not require double side panels or counterweights and so maximises the available space in the cabinet and furthermore, the door can be “parked” safely and securely in any position. Mover is particularly suitable in restricted spaces as an alternative to conventionally-opening doors, notably in bathrooms and galley kitchens. Mover provides the simplicity and the elegance of a downward sliding door together with the functional performances of an innovative and versatile system.

Mover Flat creates concealable spaces on kitchen cabinets, and anywhere you want the convenience of a space that can be elegantly hidden behind a sliding panel.

The compactness of the mechanism, which moves on vertical runners, fits perfectly with applications, especially in restricted spaces, where the conventionally-opening doors would be unworkable. The mechanism, with adjustable load capacity, can be used with doors heights from 480 to 628mm and a width up to 2400mm, in its larger version.

The movement on silent runners is smooth and perfectly controlled in any situation.

Mover Flat is a versatile and practical system, takes up a minimum of valuable storage space, and therefore it can be used in both small and large cabinets.

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