Visitors at GEO Business to ‘walk through’ BIM with augmented reality app

An augmented reality app which enables users to interact with 3D models via their tablet device is set to be launched at this years’ GEO Business industry event, which takes place in London from 28- 29 May.

Severn Partnership, together with its sister company SEEABLE, will allow visitors at the GEO Business Show to witness and experience first hand the latest developments in survey capabilities, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and 3D Visualisation.

The augmented reality app will be showcased live throughout the two day event and will allow visitor participation. Users will be able to move through, and interrogate, hi resolution 3D images via their tablet devices. Severn Partnership, specialist chartered surveyors, has invested heavily to strengthen the quality of 3D data it produces, and in turn, the quality of work it can provide to customers. Its unique augmented reality app is the result of these efforts.

Severn’s augmented reality app is not the only product the firm will be showcasing at GEO Business. Exhibition- goers will also be able to view in depth, a digital showcase of the company’s pre-existing portfolio which includes extended 3D and BIM work. Presenting images and videos, all in hi resolution , Severn’s interactive portfolio effectively displays the quality of work the company provides, as well as denoting the range of industries it operates in, including laser scanning and aerial surveying.

Mark Combes Managing Director at Severn Partnership said:

“GEO Business is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our work and the products we have been developing to our industry peers. The GEO Business event will provide us with a brilliant platform to launch our new augmented reality app, using 3D and virtual reality to incite valuable feedback from other companies at the exhibition to enable us to improve the standard of service we provide our customers”

A company that is constantly innovating, Severn Partnership’s augmented reality app has been launched following the introduction of its sister company, SEEABLE, to market last year. The application allows customers to manoeuvre BIM 3D data via personal mobile devices. SEEABLE is fully compatible with all of Severn’s pre-existing surveying services, with particular focus on the rail and construction industries.

GEO Business 2014 is an exhibition for workers across the whole of the geospatial industry; the two day event also offers a variety of key speakers covering a host of industry based topics. The event runs in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering (ICES), the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Survey Association (TSA) and the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and takes place at the Business Design Centre in London.