Versatile Sanifloor is useful in many situations

The Sanifloor shower pump was launched by Saniflo to cater for shower areas where floor drainage is required but space underneath is limited, such as wetrooms that feature tiling or vinyl flooring or showers with super slim shower trays.

It has a choice of waste designs, as well as a range of other benefits, that allows great flexibility and this has proved to be a big draw for customers with the pumps being sold into a multitude of applications. Domestic customers are afforded the opportunity to add extra bathroom facilities in areas where there is no traditional drainage, whilst councils, local authorities and housing associations are using Sanifloors to convert spaces in both houses and public buildings for less-abled residents and customers.

The pump features a high flow rate of 25l, so that it can be used with powerful ‘rain shower’ heads and has a dual action feature that sucks waste up from the gully and pumps waste water away up to 3m vertically and 30m horizontally. The pump can be sited 300mm above the gully and carries a cable inside an air breather tube, which activates a sensor membrane when the waste water reaches a certain level. The sensor connects to the Sanifloor pump via a jack plus for ease of installation and there is also a manual override button, enabling the user to pump away the water in the gully before dismantling the unit for cleaning.

The Sanifloor one has a waste for a wetroom floor with tiles and this is supplied with a blanket to make a seal under the gully to ensure complete watertightness. The Sanifloor two and three are designed to work with vinyl floor and shallow trays respectively.

For more information on this versatile shower pump solution please call the Saniflo technical team on 020 8842 0033.