Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Totus2 shortlisted for the HVR Awards

Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Totus² Demand Energy Recovery Ventilation (D-ERV) system has been shortlisted for this year’s HVR Awards. The innovative D-ERV system is a finalist within the ‘Commercial Ventilation Product of the Year’ category of these prestigious industry awards.

Organised by Heating and Ventilating Review (HVR) magazine and taking place on Wednesday 9th October at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, the awards are designed to reward and celebrate the success, innovation and technology within the H&V sector.

Integrating the proven Demand Ventilation control concept with high efficiency EC/DC motor technology and a state-of-the-art counterflow heat recovery cell the Sentinel Totus² achieves impressive energy recovery of up to 94%.

The Sentinel Totus² also boasts reduced sound levels which are achieved through the use of high density acoustic insulation and efficient air paths which lower turbulence, system noise, and reduce the SFP to below 1.8w/l/s.

Meanwhile the Sentinel Totus² is equipped to respond to the ups and downs of the British climate. Its 100% summer bypass feature will help keep rooms cool in hot conditions. As temperatures rise, the airflow from the heat exchanger is automatically closed off and simultaneously a bypass opens which the cool air flows through.

Winter weather is also catered for and with customer comfort a key issue the Sentinel Totus² frost heater control provides top-up heating as well as a frost protection function, eliminating cold draughts and the need to fit duct mounted heaters.

Designed to operate on the principles of demand ventilation the Sentinel Totus² responds to the precise ventilation requirements of a room at any one time providing the right level of supply and extract airflow when required, making it ideal for schools, hotels, theatres, offices and other environments with changing occupancy patterns. It also recovers maximum energy (heat and cool) from the extracted air, transferring it into the fresh air supply via the unit’s integral high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger, significantly reducing fuel consumption and energy costs.

This demand operation of the Sentinel Totus² can be triggered by its response to room occupancy according to a range of different sensor readings. These can include Timeclock or PIR occupancy detection to activate the unit, with additional proportional airflow control from a combination of sensors; CO2, humidity or temperature.

Independently rated and tested to EN308, the Sentinel Totus² incorporates energy efficient EC/DC motor technology, which is proven to use over 30% less energy than conventional AC motors. Automatic air-conditioning and heating interlocks enable Sentinel Totus² to optimise energy recovery performance further and provide free cooling during summer through bypass optimisation.

Attended by the biggest and most influential names in the heating and ventilation industry, the HVR Awards are one of the most important dates on the industry’s calendar and the evening promises to be a memorable event. For more information on the awards and details of how to book tickets please visit

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