Vent-Axia celebrates winning Tenant Services Award for innovation

Vent-Axia a leader in low-carbon technology, is celebrating winning the Best Innovation category at this year’s prestigious Tenant Services Awards at Stroud District Council, Gloucestershire. Scooping the award for its revolutionary Lo-Carbon Tempra single room heat recovery unit, Vent-Axia received the accolade at an awards ceremony held at the Barn in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

The Tenant Services Awards are designed to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions made by both individuals and companies to the Tenant Services at Stroud District Council. Winners are selected by a panel of judges including a selection of Stroud District Council’s managers, councillors and nominated tenants and chaired this year by its Interim Asset Manager.

After a rigorous judging process, Vent-Axia won the Best Innovation Award for its pioneering Lo-Carbon Tempra single room heat recovery unit, which had been installed in tenants’ properties by Stroud District Council. Part of the company’s Lo-Carbon™ initiative, Vent-Axia’s Tempra can be simply retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall. This allows traditional inefficient extract fans to be easily replaced with this discreet, low energy, continuously running alternative that also offers affordable heat recovery.

Commenting on the Tempra winning the Best Innovation Award the judging panel said:

“Adequate ventilation is a major contributor to tackling damp in homes. Traditional products remove damp air but also remove valuable heat that is paid for by tenants. The Tempra heat recovery fan produced by Vent-Axia has allowed our tenants to manage the air quality in their homes while maintaining efficient use of their heating systems.”

Jenny Smith, Marketing Services Manager at Vent-Axia, said:

“We are very proud to have contributed to the success of Tenant Services at Stroud District Council and to have been acknowledged for our pioneering Lo-Carbon Tempra single room heat recovery unit. We are thrilled to have been recognised for the Tempra’s installed performance in tenants’ homes. It is very satisfying to be able to provide tenants with affordable, comfortable, quiet, energy efficient ventilation, which provides good indoor air quality while removing the risk of condensation and mould.”

Providing up to 84% heat recovery, the Tempra can simply be retrofitted through a 100mm diameter hole in the wall. This enables standard bathroom, kitchen, toilet or utility room fans to be easily changed for a Tempra without the need to make the hole any larger, saving substantially on installation time and cost.

Central to the Tempra’s compact footprint required to fit in a 100mm diameter hole is its double wheel motorised impellers. The innovative technology allows for just one motor to be used with an extended shaft to drive two impellers to achieve double flow requirements, resulting in a very energy efficient solution. The unit’s performance, taken together with Tempra’s integral Lo-Carbon™ DC motor, brings significant energy savings and will help reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Discreet and quiet in operation, Tempra can be set to run continuously at 6 l/s or 9 l/s, boosting up to 13 l/s if required. For intermittent extract applications, the unit can be set to operate at 15 l/s. It also incorporates a manual summer setting to ensure that when it is warm outside, it operates on extract only. This eliminates the risk of the home overheating in hot summer weather.