Value and expert engineering are a given with the GaraRoll Lite roller garage door

The roller garage door market in the UK is competitive; with a range of roller doors at different price points. Garador has built on the success of its GaraRoll roller garage doors launched back in 2011, with the introduction of a new economy roller garage door called the GaraRoll Lite.

The GaraRoll Lite has two key features; it uses a tubular motor and handle crank for emergencies, and has an optical sensor built into the rubber seal so the door stops and reverses if it meets an obstruction. It is an automated roller garage door and therefore comes with 2 hand transmitters, which use 433MHz rolling code technology ensuring that no one can easily copy the hand transmitter signal.

 The GaraRoll Lite is also supplied with a cover box, which fully covers the door curtain and stops any unwanted sawdust or dirt, from say woodworking in the garage, from touching the door curtain. The cover box is constructed from galvanised steel and completely covers the door curtain when it is rolled up at the top of the door, unlike some manufacturers which just offer a partial hood.

 Garador’s roller garage doors give the impression of a very modern garage door. Each aluminium lath is 77mm high and is filled with an insulating CFC-free polyurethane  rigid foam. In addition, each lath has two horizontal lines for an attractive finish.

 The door is available in three deco paint finishes, including Traffic White (RAL 9016), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) and Golden Oak. It also comes in a range of sizes from 1000mm – 3000mm wide and 1250 mm – 2300 mm high, providing lots of options when specifying for new builds or renovations.

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