Updated MagnX range offers bespoke customisation and complete flexibility

The MagnX® magnetic glass range from Gx Glass is now available with customised back painting and bespoke printed designs providing architects and interior designers with complete flexibility. In addition, the MagnX-CF features a new fixing system, allowing the magnetic glass to be quickly installed and easily relocated.

A robust and modern alternative to a traditional whiteboard, the MagnX range comprises glass magnetic whiteboards that enable documents to be ‘pinned’ to the board using magnets.

Consisting of MagnX-CF, a wall-mounted board available in 14 sizes, MagnX-E, a magnetic wall cladding ideal for work walls and the double-sided MagnX-DS, suitable for partitioning, the comprehensive range offers a solution for every interior application.

Now available with the option of bespoke back painting and printing, the MagnX range can be customised to meet branding and interior design requirements. With three customisation options; white, painted, and painted and printed and with solutions to meet a variety of budgets, it means that all projects can incorporate magnetic glass, which is tailored to a customer’s unique designs.

Utilising environmentally friendly water-based paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOC), the bespoke whiteboards are fully recyclable at their end of life.

MagnX is supplied with a two-year warranty for discolouration or delamination, requires minimal maintenance and can be kept pristine with water and a mild cleaning detergent.

In addition, the new fixing system for the MagnX CF, means that the board can be quickly and efficiently installed, and relocated if necessary.

Tracyellen Whelan, Strategic Sales Manager at Gx Glass said,

“The design flexibility and customisation offered by the updated MagnX range provides architects with the ideal solution for helping to create a collaborative working environment with a durable work wall, magnetic glass in the office partitioning system or engaging whiteboard.

“Produced to exact requirements, our expert in-house team are experienced in creating bespoke architectural glass features. Working collaboratively with architects and interior designers, we ensure that our MagnX range meets the interior vision of a building.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.gxglass.com/products/magnx-magnetically-receptive-glass-range/magnetic-glass-whiteboards/