Ultrascape beds water features right first-time

Ultrascape’s BS 7533 compliant mortar paving system and EP-R9 resinous mortar are ideal for water features in public realm schemes. The materials have been used extensively across the UK …

Londonderry City Centre underwent a major regeneration project to create a modern, urban landscape in the heart of the city. Shipqual Place and Waterloo Square were the focus of the redesign with the aim to increase pedestrian footfall and make these places attractive areas in which to meet and stay.

The construction work included upgrading drainage infrastructure, removing the old concrete block paving, renewing street lighting, pedestrian crossings and the installation of a new digital 80 nozzle water feature with integrated lighting outside Guildhall.

Letchworth Garden City town centre underwent a dramatic transformation with the help of Ultrascape. The project sought to develop a central pedestrian link connecting retailing areas with The Wynd and Arena. The area incorporated a circular fountain and the improvements created a less cluttered, attractive streetscene providing an enjoyable visitor friendly experience.

City Park is a high-quality, six-acre public space in the heart of Bradford which contains the largest man-made water feature in any UK city. The Ultrascape mortar paving system was used to create the feature’s foundation.

The centre stage of the ‘park in the city’ is a Mirror Pool, made up of individual pools and striking water features, including 100 fountains, jets and causeways. The Mirror Pool represents the largest water attraction in a public realm regeneration project at 4000m². It is a shallow pool of water, which can be drained to provide outside performance space.

The fantastic new Granary Square – the heart of King’s Cross – is London’s newest square and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Over 1000 fountains create a spectacular water feature, all bedded using Ultrascape’s EP-R9 epoxy resin mortar.

The square’s area was once used for the unloading of barges, so it was fitting to work its aquatic history into its new design. The Fountain Workshop designed the choreographed fountains, which are individually lit and at their most spectacular at night.

Ultrascape’s BS 7533 Compliant Mortar Paving System has been used to help re-develop Folkestone Harbour Square, transforming part of the market area into a water feature and focal point for the local area. The former underused market area has been rejuvenated into an interactive and playful feature for visitors to the Folkestone Triennial and local residents alike.

For further information on the use of the Ultrascape range for water features, please visit www.ultrascape.co.uk or call 01827 871871.

Ultrascape is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.