Top five locations of the world for architecture lovers

Many popular and beautiful areas of the world are known for different things. Ancient and beautiful buildings are visited by tourists coming from different parts of the world. What they appreciate the most is the Architecture of a building. A building is nothing without concrete architecture. Those who can appreciate the true essence of architecture in a building are trying architecture lovers. They visit such places, take photographs, know about the heritage of the building, enjoy their life to the fullest. We have some unique ideas about the best destinations to be given a visit.

Athens, Greece

Everyone knows about ancient Greece history and different tales of Greek. A visit to Athens takes you back to 400 BC where you can spend some time in the temple of Olympian Zeus and many other classical architectures. Athens has a unique identity in the world of history and architecture.

Rome, Italy:

The city of Rome is matchless in terms of its beauty and cultural heritage. Rome is also one of the most ancient cities of the work. Due to this, it has always remained a center of attention for people who have a deep love for architecture and the masterminds behind these architectures.

Baroque Architecture is the city’s most-watched Architecture. The grandiosity that comes with buildings in Rome such as Gothic-Renaissance is a perfect example of how Rome has exemplified its heritage in every corner of the city.

Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is an amazing city that lets you feel how it transformed from an ancient city to a modern urban space due to the extraordinary efforts of Antoni Gaudi. If you want to see great stainless-glass mosaics, you must visit Barcelona and spend some time over there. You will also see the artwork on the walls of the city. The masterpiece of Spain, La Sagrada Familia has no match.

Chandigarh, India:

If you are an architecture lover, you must have heard about Chandigarh. This city is well-known for its amazing architecture such as sculptures. This city has developed so rapidly because the authorities understood the needs of designing the city from all over again while keeping the cultural heritage intact.

Istanbul, Turkey

The crossroads of Istanbul are popular across the world. The beautiful landscape of the city reflects two great empires conquering each other. Usually, tourists pay so much attention to the Hagia Sophia mosque of Istanbul because of its beauty. However, there are also some other attractions such as a dome created by Byzantine.

Many other places across the world capture the attention of the people because of having Amazing historical architecture. Whether you want to visit these areas for study purposes or because you have a strong yen to visit them, there is a lot more than you can have such as photography, get together with friends, and enjoyment with cocktails and other drinks. Some tourists do try CBD oils UK because it doesn’t impact their minds and also makes them feel relaxed.