Thicker Kingspan TEK® panels announced

The Kingspan TEK® Building System and Kingspan TEK® Cladding Panels are now available in a new 172 mm panel thickness, delivering out-of-the-box wall and roof U–values of 0.16 W/m².K and below.

Both Kingspan TEK® Building System panels and Kingspan TEK® Cladding Panels comprise two layers of Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3) either side of a high performance insulated core.

With the addition of a 65 mm insulated lining of Kingspan Thermawall® TW55, the thicker panels can easily achieve U–values as low as 0.10 W/m².K, far surpassing the requirements of the Building Regulations. The System’s proprietary jointing system also delivers excellent airtightness, with potential for air leakage rates as good as 1m3/hour/m2 at 50 Pa.

In addition to improved thermal performance, 172 mm Kingspan TEK® panels are also able to span greater distances when used in cladding or roof applications, offering even better design flexibility.

The panels are designed and factory pre-cut to each project’s unique specifications by one of the network of highly experienced Kingspan TEK® Delivery Partners. This ensures a smooth, predictable erection program with minimal site waste. The products’ panelised design also allows fast–track installations with most projects completed in a matter of weeks; and once a breather membrane is fitted, the panels form a watertight shell, allowing follow-on trades to begin work at an early stage in the build.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System and Kingspan TEK® Cladding Panels can directly contribute towards a number of BREEAM credits including responsible sourcing and life cycle impacts. Their OSB3 facing is PEFC certified and their fibre–free insulated core is manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).