Thermal upgrade – inside the box

Spacetherm Blanket has been installed in a unique office construction, in Dundee, which consists of 37 recycled shipping containers.

The first of 10 buildings for ‘early stage’ creative companies in the heart of Seabraes Yard has 15 lettable office units, over three floors. The building has a striking appearance – 36 containers with one turned on its end to form the entrance lobby. Each unit provides comfortable furnished space for up to four people.

Spacetherm Blanket, with a thermal conductivity of 0.015 W/mK, offered a flexible yet robust insulation blanket solution for this space-critical application. Its flexibility and ease of use was proven as the insulation material of choice in this unique application. Combining a silica aerogel with a fibre matrix, it is a superior material which is suitable for a wide range of challenging applications where thermal performance is crucial.

The unique appeal of District 10 offers flexible development opportunities to future organisations and sets out specific guidance for their delivery.

With the universal push towards zero carbon neighbourhoods and cities, District 10 provides an exemplar of mixed community planning while tackling the increasingly common issue of brownfield remediation.

Dundee is renowned for its expertise in digital media and creative industries. More than 350 businesses in the sector, employing more than 3,500 people, are currently based in the city and the surrounding area, generating a combined annual turnover in excess of £185 million. The intention is that Seabraes will become the centre of Dundee’s creative industries.

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