The top five properties most in need of crash barriers

You will often see products from Armco Barrier Supplies used on crash barriers on roadways without actually knowing that you are seeing the UK’s leading supplier of products that keep vehicles safe from oncoming collisions.

You will also see them on the sides of roads where motorists can be in danger of going over steep drop-offs. You may not know who manufactured them, but you do know that Armco Barrier Supplies are responsible for saving lives and property. However, you may not know that there are other uses for crash barriers besides those mentioned above. Here are five properties also in need of crash barriers.

1. Farmlands
Some types of farmlands are situated closely to roadways. Not only can vehicles easily pull off the road, destroying crops, but animals can wander into oncoming traffic creating hazards for drivers as well as dangers to the animals. Crash barriers are used widely in the agricultural industry for these reasons.

2. Schools
Whether to keep vehicles out or to keep kids in, crash barriers are one of the securest types of heavy duty fencing often used around perimeters of schools. They are especially useful around the parking areas to keep cars secure whilst parked but also to cordon off the areas where parking is allowed.

3. Stadiums
Sometimes when the home team is headed for the championships, traffic can get brutal on game day. Not only are crash barriers useful in parking areas of arenas and sports complexes but they also help to control the number of vehicles which can be safely parked in a given location. They are especially useful as a barrier when entrance is charged at the gate. There is no sneaking in through a crash barrier, so cars either pay entrance or they will be forced to park elsewhere and pay at the walk-in gate.

4. Pedestrian Bridges
Some bridges allow for both vehicle and pedestrian crossing and so crash barriers help to keep pedestrian walkways safe from traffic. An Armco Barrier can be constructed to withstand crashes at various impact speeds and weights of impact so as to ensure that even fast-moving traffic cannot pose a threat to foot traffic.

5. Storage Facilities
Self-storage is utilised within all sectors. Not only do individuals store items while moving or when they have more than can be held at home, but so too do businesses and government entities use storage off-site. Crash barriers are the perfect way to keep the grounds safe because of the strength of the materials used to keep intruders out. Many storage facilities have crash barriers strong enough to withstand a fast-moving lorry, but they can be constructed in such a way as to be accessible only through a secure entry way.

Just because they are called crash barriers doesn’t mean that is their sole purpose. Yes, crash barriers were originally intended for traffic safety and they aren’t the most attractive perimeter fencing available, but when it comes to security, they are indeed the safest. Whether you need crash barrier supplies for repairs or a whole new construction, choose the right size, weight and strength for your needs. Safety always comes first.