The (not so) humble domestic circulator

Today we would never walk into a shop and look at the identical piece of electrical equipment we had bought some 5-10 years previously, as we would be aware that we could buy a much better product. But is the same true of other, perhaps even more fundamental energy using products that are to be found in every house and building in the UK such as the humble domestic circulator?

As these pumps have a replacement cycle of approximately 15 years the decision made at the point of replacement is important. As a global pump manufacturer Grundfos are aware that when it comes to replacement, it is frequently the case that installers will look for an identical pump.

However, today there are modern energy efficient domestic circulator options available from Grundfos:

  • the UPS2 is a compact, high efficiency, replacement for the Grundfos UPS 15-50/60 circulator pumps that are built in the UK. Just one model can be used to replace 4m, 5m and 6m versions in domestic heating systems.
  • the Grundfos ALPHA2L is designed for circulating water in domestic heating systems with constant or variable flows and in systems with variable temperature. These high efficiency circulators can be installed in central heating and primary hot water circuits up to 35kW and offer many advanced features.
  • the ALPHA2 circulator is one of the most advanced domestic circulators available and offer all the benefits of the ALPHA2L plus the patented AUTOADAPT setting for easy set-up and to ensure the best efficiency against changes in the system demand as well as an LED display that shows power on and the electrical usage.

And for complete peace of mind all these models come with a 5 year warranty as standard. Which all adds up to the fact that Grundfos has the right answer, whatever your domestic circulator needs.