The Interiors Group Create Brand New Fit Out For HSB Engineering Insurance

The Interiors Group have created a new fit out for The Interiors Group HSB Engineering Insurance, the UK’s only company solely focused on engineering insurance and inspection services, following their relocation to Windsor Place, Dublin.

The Interiors Group were briefed to complete a CAT B The Interiors Group refurb to create a spacious environment for their staff and clients. The 1110 sq ft of office space, situated close to the city centre, spans across 3 floors so they needed to ensure that they optimised the space available to them and that each floor connected to the other seamlessly. The Interiors Group The Interiors Group The Interiors Group created a smart and complete office interior by using a simple colour scheme of white with blocks of colour throughout, and by adapting the existing space to fulfil each floor’s purpose.

In the reception area on the ground floor, the client’s existing furniture was reused and repositioned to adjust to the space. The floor was divided by a feature glazed high impact screen to form the 12 person boardroom, fit out with a brand new feature table and chairs, as well as a focal credenza. To create a visual barrier from the reception space, the glass partition had light and dark blue panels running vertically down the pane, and frosted white stripes horizontally; subtly screening the meeting place from the open area.

Inside the boardroom, the space was maximised by removing the trunking which ran alongside the exterior wall. The existing heating and casing was boxed out to accommodate the new credenza unit with a new communications room constructed with grills to the doors for improved ventilation. These elements all ensured that the boardroom and surrounding areas felt spacious and comfortable.

Throughout the three floors, the colour scheme remains simple and minimalistic. White painted and feature walls of bright blue and green are softened with an eggshell blue colour used on skirting boards alongside light grey painted doors. This makes the space feel bright and more open, and gives an illusion of a larger office.

The first floor delivers a new office experience for staff and complements the ground floor both aesthetically and functionally. Brand new workstations and storage units provide a basis to work in comfort with ample room for employees to interact as well as easy access to other floors. The white walls and grey carpet tiles remain the same throughout the three levels however in the office space, there is a deep shade of purple added to the desks which gives a certain warmth to the space.

Following on to the second floor is the breakout area where staff can go to relax and take time out from their work. The location of the breakout area at the top level of the building gives the staff the feeling that they are leaving their work behind in a physical sense and appeals to staff who want to make the most of their time away from the desk. The assent to the second floor would be particularly liberating on a sunny day as you would be met with a flood of light streaming in from the 6 Velux windows. The space automatically seems larger and brighter and the feature wall in a cool green amplifies the relaxing vibe.

Throughout the design process, the focus had been placed upon utilising the floor space to create the illusion of a larger office. One way this was achieved is through the choice of lighting and The Inter The Inter The Interiors Group ensured that they gained full potential from t Group he buildings location; as two of the walls were exterior, there was plenty of natural light coming into the office space; in addition to the existing windows, new slim LED flat panel lights were installed throughout. This office space is light, bright and inviting; a very pleasant environment for staff and visitors.

The Interiors Group are a 28 year old leading Desig The Interiors Group n and Build office fit out company and have offices in London, Dublin, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They are widely proven and trusted by both clients and professional project managers to deliver business environments on time and on budget.