The importance of specifying the correct locking systems – RIBA approved seminar from Maco

Maco are a family owned group with over 60 years of experience who manufacture technologically advanced window, door and shutter hardware locking systems.

MACO aims to create and develop professional partnerships within the industry.

The seminar will give guidance to the architect on window hardware locking systems. It discusses British and European standards, the cause effect and prevention of corrosion on hardware, security and safety and gives advice on the types of window systems and their applications. It gives an introduction to the varying locking systems available and shows security testing procedures. On completion, the architect should be confident in specifying the correct hardware for windows.

CPD Learning Aims

  • Demonstrate the development of window hardware
  • Show an overview of British and European standards relating directly to windows and doors
  • Give guidance on corrosion resistance
  • Advice on Security and Safety
  • Give confidence on specifying products confidently

Also from MACO UK

The MACO Partnering Service is offered freely, it is a disciplined operation that is designed to audit your window and door specifications, returning the information back to you in relation to inspections made at the factory of manufacture or the installation site. These inspections enable us on your behalf to ensure that the quality standards demanded within your specification are being complied with. This is designed to release the pressure on your contract administration and maintenance teams both before, during and after the contract has been completed.

MACO Tricoat Surface – Highly corrosion resistant fittings from MACO UK

When combining different materials in a construction such as stainless steel with other metallic materials there is a proven danger of incompatibility causing adverse degenerative reactions through bimetallic corrosion. Face plates and mushroom bolts may be formed in stainless steel but the drive gear and internal mechanisms manufactured from zinc which reacts against stainless steel causing premature failure. The high alloy stainless steels are acutely electro positive whilst zinc is at the opposite end of the scale being electro negative; there is sufficient variance in the polarity of the two metals to enable a galvanic current leading to bimetallic corrosion.

MACO TRICOAT surface is an optimal solution

This unique finish can be applied to a wide range of fittings that enable the production of high performance window espagnolettes, door locks, patio and tilt & turn fittings thereby providing a comprehensive solution across all styles of windows and doors and is guaranteed for 15 years.

MACO Comfort Stay, easy access windows for all

Developed especially for people with limited movement the latest addition to the MACO Multi Trend family allows wheelchair users a comfortable solution to the physical barriers normally associated when operating a tilt turn window. A standard tilt and turn has the handle situated centrally on the side of the window, but this makes it almost impossible for a wheelchair user to operate. The new ‘Comfort Stay’ from MACO overcomes this barrier with its handle situated centrally on the bottom of the window, and utilizing a tilt slide handle from the MACO Emotion range with a longer lever ensures reduced handle forces. A 90 degree turn of the handle opens the window to the Tilt position and a 180 degree turn will allow the window to swing fully open.

Available from MACO:

  • Literature
  • Product Catalogue
  • Samples
  • Technical Assistance
  • In House testing to PAS23 & 24 and BS7412
  • Full support from our Commercial Team, contact Commercial Manager – Tony Bymolen t.bymolen(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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