The great outdoors with AkzoNobel exteriors

It’s an old adage, but you can’t beat quality. Going down the cheap and cheerful route might be ok for baked beans, or the odd paperclip, but it simply won’t do when you need a superior product to deliver a premium finish.

At Blackburn-based AkzoNobel they’ve identified this problem and have now garnered their substantial expertise into producing through their Sikkens brand, a new all-embracing wood coatings brochure aimed directly at delivering top quality products for the exteriors market. Smart move!

The new AkzoNobel exterior wood coatings brochure is a collection of high quality products that covers; impregnating primers, primers, sealants and fillers, together with providing a one-stop solution for mid-coats, top-coats, maintenance products, oils and care products…all in one easy- to-use reference guide.

The primers and impregnating products from AkzoNobel supply a raft of quality solutions for a vast array of applications and uses. The CETOL® WP products are a range of translucent impregnating primers delivering impregnating and priming all in one easy step. This Includes base stains which protects against blue stain fungi and/or rot and are water-borne with an acrylic binder. They are ideal products for stable, semi stable, non-stable wooden constructions and supporting this is RUBBOL® WP 151, a two pack PU opaque primer with the best insulation against discolouration of soft and hardwood, it’s high filling with good pore wetting and is water-borne with an Acrylic-PU binder and again perfect for stable, semi stable wooden constructions together with MDF and HDF.

This pattern of a one-stop shopping basket from AkzoNobel happily doesn’t end there. Many items that end-up looking fantastic on the final project or structure start life being prepared and finished in the factory. AkzoNobel supply a large and varied range of products for factory applications, delivering a host of solutions for windows, doors, conservatories, together with stable wooden elements, cladding and garden structures, decking and non-stable wooden elements. There are also a number of products available for a wide range of timber substrates; hardwood, softwood and Accoya. A large cross- section of AkzoNobel paints and products have an abundance of industry approvals and can be applied by a variety of methods, whether it be; dip, flow coat, spay, brush or vacuum coating. They can also be tinted to a wide range of colours for both opaque and translucent finishes.

The AkzoNobel Wood Coatings Exterior collection of high quality products also delivers a high-performing topcoat collection with RUBBOL® WF 382 and RUBBOL® WF 387, both of which have DURAFLEX TECHNOLOGY delivering optimal durability whilst demonstrating long term elasticity.

It also delivers high resistance to cracking, premium UV protection through innovative new light stabilisers and excellent resistance against the impact of extreme weather.

AkzoNobel also provide a host of maintenance products because maintained wood lasts longer. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to be able to enjoy the long-term pleasure of beautifully coated joinery. After all, a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule allows the redecoration intervals to be maximised.

The Sikkens range of maintenance products is deliberately co-ordinated to match the factory applied topcoats, both for gloss level and colour accuracy. This includes an on-site primer RUBBOL WP105 and RUBBOL WF 310 or WF 318, opaque topcoats; all for brush application, which are available in handy smaller one litre pack sizes. Add to this their base stain CETOL WP 511 and CETOL WF 910 or WF 915 translucent topcoats which are suitable to maintain the DURAFLEX factory applied translucent topcoats and it seems very ‘clear’ that this exterior range of products from AkzoNobel ticks all the boxes.

The list of applications in the new AkzoNobel ‘Exteriors’ brochure is varied as it is vast and ranges from… windows, exterior doors, conservatories through to simple garden trellis work, wooden floors, cladding, matchboards/bargeboards, together with all types of timbering and sheds. It’s a fully encompassing selection of high quality wood coatings for a myriad of exterior wood applications.

Clive Dove, Technical Service Manager, Wood Finishes and Adhesives from AkzoNobel Wood Coatings said,

“This new collection has brought together the best and most successful exterior products we have. It’s unified them into a structured and comprehensive range, as well as adding new and innovative products where needed”.

Clive Dove continues,

“The product range is versatile in performance, appearance and covers the various application methods that applicators may employ, including flow coating, dipping, spraying and brushing”.

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. Calling on centuries of expertise, they supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and sustainable technologies designed to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing planet.

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