The different types of temporary structures

When it comes to temporary building structures, this term doesn’t mean that the building is fragile or even short-lived. Many of these temporary structures have lasted for months or even years and are used for a variety of purposes. A temporary structure may be needed for a variety of uses and can be built to meet a specific or multi-purpose need. These are a few of the types of temporary building constructions.

Canopy Uses
A canopy is just one of many temporary buildings and it doesn’t seem like a traditional structure. However, this structure is no less important and can be used for a variety of purposes. This outdoor type of shelter is used for fast-paced transport and logistics operations, which need just an overhead shelter. Disaster relief and first aid stations often just require a canopy without needing walls. Canopies are easy to set up and can be taken down easily as well, in most cases. This is a great choice for a temperate climate where shelter from the elements is the priority.

One of the more common although surprising uses for a temporary structure is for garage space. Repair shops, car, dealers, and even car auction companies are just a few examples of businesses that might need extra garage space. Since these spaces can be built with no additional frills, they can house dozens of cars in a low-cost environment.

Companies like Smart Space help businesses decide on the size and specifications of the storage space needed. You can speak to them about your requirements if you’re unsure of what you’re going to need and they’ll help to ensure the structure built will accommodate all your needs. These temporary structures that they can build offer multiple benefits with minimal fuss. The cars stored in the space are protected from the elements like wind, rain, sap, hail, and even sun damage. They’re also out of the public eye, which helps to prevent theft and vandal attempts. The garage shelters are minimal and can be easily assembled. They don’t usually require concrete or slabs to put them together and can be short or longer-lasting structures as needed.

Even car repair shops will use these garages as a temporary repair space. When the weather is freezing or rainy, it’s challenging to repair a vehicle in the outdoors. Temporary building structures that function as garages are a great way to keep vehicles and employees out of the elements. They can be heated during colder months or cooled during warmer months as needed. This is a great choice for a repair shop that has limited space and a high volume of clients.

Large-Scale Greenhouse
Growing space is a huge need and greenhouses can be temporary structures. Although temporary structures may be seen as flimsy environments, they can actually be built to be sturdy and also climate controlled, making them a great choice for a greenhouse; these structures can be used throughout the year for multiple harvests as needed.

In addition to providing a growing space, these greenhouses are often the perfect environment in sunny areas since they can be built from fabric. Unlike a traditional structure which may only have synthetic light or limited natural sunlight, greenhouses can be built from tension fabric, which is translucent. The fabric allows sunlight to pass through which aids in natural growth. Additionally, the structure can also support heavy lighting that may be needed.

Nurseries often use temporary building structures as add-ons to their permanent buildings. They provide the business with an economical solution to provide flowers, seedlings, and plants to their customers regardless of the year. Indoor growing is a huge benefit, even during the summer months. Plants are weakened by harsh rain, mild frost, extreme heat, and heavy winds. Nurseries find that they can have higher yields and healthier plants with the use of these structures.

Barn and Farming Storage
Temporarily building structures are a good choice for farming and barn needs as well. If you need additional space for traveling animals, then a temporary barn can be built. Canopies are commonly constructed for pigs, goats, and cows. These structures are great for summer months when the heat can be damaging to the animals. The building structures can be ventilated to improve the environmental conditions for the animals. These are great for shows and other times when animals need a temporary space where they can be healthy and stress-free.

Other temporary spaces for animals may include horse arenas, sheds, or storage shelters. Since these spaces often need to be large enough to house animals or equipment, they can be prohibitively expensive to build for short-term use. However, temporary buildings are much more economical to build than a permanent structure. Additionally, they can be portable as needed.

Airplane Hangars
Airplanes are large structures that need to be kept safe from the elements. Airplanes can become damaged if not stored appropriately and it can be impractical to build a permanent structure to store them. Airplane hangars can be built to specifications and made large enough for both small and large planes. Since airplane safety is also a concern, storing them in a temporary building structure may be a good choice. They can be locked or even fitted with alarms to prevent intruders.

Materials Storage
It’s not uncommon to need storage for materials temporarily without the need for a wood or metal building. Raw materials such as wood, hay, and other building materials can be damaged by the elements if left outdoors and develop rust or break down. Although you may be considering a tarp or other cover, this option may not be sufficient. Additionally, any organic materials such as wood or grain will need to be kept in a space that is moisture-controlled and well-ventilated. Materials storage buildings can meet all of these needs in a simple structure. They’ll prevent rain, pests, and other weather conditions from affecting the materials. Since these materials may only need to be stored for a few months or the length of a building project, temporary buildings make a great choice.

Screen Houses
A screen house is often used for camping, outdoor activities, cookouts, and other activities. It’s a fairly simple structure with a covered roof and screened walls. Unlike a completely indoor environment, it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors from a screen house and will keep out any bugs and other pests. Many people use them for parties or companies may have them for picnics or other corporate events. They’re a great choice for warmer months and an economical choice that’s easy to set up and take down. They’re also available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Companies that need workshop space for a short period of time may benefit from having the option of a temporary building space. They can use the space for short-term projects or ones that require additional space. Usually, construction of these spaces takes about a week and they can be dismantled quickly as well. For one-time or intermittent projects that may need additional space, temporary building structures offer a great alternative for traditional building structures.

Although many people are familiar with temporary structures, they may not understand why they’re a great choice. These are just a few of the potential applications for the spaces and there are many more options. Even though they’re not made of brick and mortar, these spaces can be built to last.