The Development is in the Detail

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is at the forefront of technological advances in the construction industry, with the government announcing that from 2016, all centrally procured government construction projects must be delivered using this innovative process.

BIM is a process model that assists the design, analysis, execution, delivery and overall management of a project. It is applied through a highly collaborative, well-integrated project team that includes the designers, engineers and construction partners. It is crucial that the method is executed in the very early stages of the design process in order to gain the full cost benefits. The process enhances the early design-phase contributions of the individual team member’s expertise. Communication across all teams is vital when applying BIM to a project, making principles of trust, transparency, precise communication and availability of information absolutely essential. The outcome of using BIM can be extremely lucrative as well as saving on time and ensuring exceptional accuracy.

As B & K Structures deliver optimised hybrid solutions that are manufactured offsite in a factory environment, BIM plays a critical role in the success of almost all of their projects – from education builds to residential. Member geometry and specifications of B & K Structures’ projects are detailed exactly through 3D modelling files as it is passed through the specification, design and detailing stages. Manufacturing and machining of the panels complete with service channels and connection details are factory produced to exceptional accuracy. This facilitates an exact fit and minimises transport costs and onsite waste.

Through the use of BIM, B & K Structures can provide their clients with confidence that project timescales will be met, while problems that relate to non-compliance and dimensional inaccuracies or clashes are kept to an absolute minimum. This ensures a fast and reliable onsite erection – critical to meeting developer’s deadlines.

Believe in Better Buildings with BIM

Under the banner of Believe in Better Buildings (BiBB), BskyB’s new educational facility for graduates, apprentices and staff training, reflects the company’s sustainable aspirations. Based at the Campus at Osterley, West London, the 3,000m2 development encompasses a four storey linear building with the top storey accommodating a restaurant and roof terrace – all providing an inviting multi-functional amenity.

Mace appointed B & K Structures to provide an optimised hybrid structure for the build – comprising a glulam frame with cross laminated timber floor, roof and stability walls, together with perimeter prefabricated, insulated wall cassettes. The structure was designed to deliver permanent quality, adaptability and long term energy efficiency, to meet the sustainability objectives.

BIM technology and CNC machines were used to ensure the structures were manufactured to exacting tolerances to guarantee the details of the connections were precise. Architects and engineers worked together in a shared office – allowing them to make real time decisions. BIM goes beyond the planning, design and construction phases to the whole life cycle analysis of the project and can provide the end user with information from conceptual ideas and building design to cost control and construction management. BIM has changed the dynamic of the construction business, enhancing efficiencies, delivering well-coordinated and well-designed projects.

BskyB has been such a success that it has recently been shortlisted for both ‘Project of the Year’ and ‘BIM Project of the Year’ in the prestigious Celebrating Construction Awards, with the winners to be announced on 19 June at the Nottingham Belfry.