TEC UK to feature at Ecobuild 2016 with a range of air handling units

Thermal Energy Components UK (TEC UK) is a leading supplier of components for air handling systems. The firm’s innovative products make significant contributions towards saving energy resources and reducing carbon emissions.

TEC UK will showcase a range of their products on stand E3207 at Ecobuild 2016 in the London ExCel on 8-10 March.

Thermal Wheel
Rotary heat exchangers are an example of regenerative energy recovery systems. They are used for ventilation and air-conditioning (e.g. for residential buildings, offices, manufacturing facilities, cruise ships) and also in process air systems – namely, wherever it is possible and appropriate to recover heat energy, for example in waste incineration facilities and in food, pharmaceuticals, paper and ceramics industries. The possibilities are practically endless.

Depending on their design and on the coating of the storage mass, however, rotary heat exchangers can also be used for space drying and humidifying and to transfer sensible and latent heat.

PWT – Crossflow Plate Heat Exchanger
The cross-flow plate heat exchangers (PWT) from Klingenburg are dimensionally stable and exceptionally impermeable and tough. Available in aluminium, epoxy-coated aluminium or stainless steel as required.

Ideal for use in industry, in ventilation and extraction systems, for adiabatic cooling and for cooling electrical cabinets.
The cross-flow exchangers are available as individual units with edge lengths from just 200 to 1200 millimetres. Combined as modules, there is practically no limit.

Suitable for air temperatures up to 300°C, important in the textile and film industries, detergent and PVC production and sewage-sludge drying.

Plate exchangers are often built into systems in which air circulation is unwanted. The internal and external air flows must therefore be completely separated.

Even the slightest gaps or nooks have to be eliminated. Maximum impermeability is thus called for – and the plate heat exchangers deliver. Larger models with edge lengths of 500 mm or more and potentially exposed to particularly high pressures are double-folded at the inflow edges, which gives them exceptional sealing.

The double fold gives the edges five times the strength of the construction material, lending the plate exchanger outstanding stability, however high the air pressure.

GS- Counterflow Plate Heat Exchanger
In efficiency terms these are world champions Klingenburg Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers recoverup to 90 per cent (by rigorous calculations) of existing room heat or cold. This makes them perfect for any ventilation system – from small apartments to office complexes, farmstables to swimming pools and refrigerated stores to warehouses.

The possibilities are practically endless. Broadly speaking, counterflow exchangers are used wherever a circulation of air is undesirable. Since in this design the airstreams are wholly separated. We offer ten standard sizes of counterflow exchangers in aluminium – the widest range around.

From the hand-sized GS 16 for the smallest spaces and shallow suspended ceilings to the generously proportioned GS 110.

These two units also happen to be the smallest and largest Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers currently available in the world. Width is selectable on all models and all are naturally also available with a bypass. Under circumstances where the air has a corrosive impact on the exchanger material, such as in swimming pools, the Klingenburg counterflow units are available in epoxy-coated versions. And for those who prefer plastic counterflow exchangers, we have the perfect solution.

CERTO – Humidifier
The CERTO is available as a complete unit with housing. Or alternatively as an element that ca n be installed in air-conditioners of any manufacturer. Ideal, therefore, as a retrofit or for upgrading existing systems.

The ‘standard’ dimensions are those you specify. and we can supply the CERTO either assembled or in parts.

The insulated housing features a study frame construction and is made from seawater-resistant aluminium, with internal panelling in stainless steel.

The standard version of this high-pressure Klingenburg humidifier includes an inspection door, sight glass and 24-volt interior lighting.

The CERTO tolerates even high wind speeds with no loss of performance. Pressure loss is minimal and energy consumption is low. This Klingenburg humidifier is also ideally suited for room air-conditioning through evaporation (adiabatic cooling). We design your humidifier precisely to achieve constant 100% moisture saturation for the room and air volumes present in your building.

Its outstanding performance makes the CERTO the ideal humidifier for drying and cooling (DEC) systems.