TEC UK bring pioneering heat exchangers to the UK market

Thermal Energy Components (TEC UK Ltd), a division of Klingenburg GmbH, have launched a range of pioneering, German precision built Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers that recover up to 90% (by rigorous calculations) of existing room heat or cold.

Offering optimal efficiency wherever installed, the ten standard size Klingenburg heat exchangers offer the widest range on the market, making them perfect for any ventilation system – from small apartments to office complexes, stables to swimming pools and refrigerated stores to warehouses. The possibilities are practically endless.

Andrew Patch, Country Manager – UK & Ireland, TEC UK Ltd, said,

“Broadly speaking, counterflow exchangers are used wherever a circulation of air is undesirable. Since, in this design, the airstreams are wholly separated.”

“Our high quality standards apply to Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers as with all our products. Our customers appreciate their high stability and precision design and manufacture. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean in a dishwasher.”

Klingenburg’s special manufacturing processes put them at the forefront of technology when it comes to hygiene. The airflow plates in the exchanger are joined by a special paste that spreads out during the drying process. This ‘adhesive diffusion’ ensures optimal sealing and fills in the smallest nooks and niches, eliminating any build-up of germs or corrosion right from the start.