T Cards making work easier and improving processes; online and on the wall

There are many case studies showing how companies and organisations have made significant savings by utilising simple management tools like T Cards. Many of the applications have evolved from Lean Manufacturing techniques, Six Sigma and Kaizen 5S, along with many other Production Workflow and Health and Safety requirements.

A great example of the success of T Cards Online has been with global engineering group Meggitt PLC. Their aim is to continually improve customer care and efficiency across every part of their business. Keeping track of work and improving workflows is crucial and using visual displays to communicate the status of jobs is vital in their high-technology environment. Their facility in Coventry was one of the first to install T Cards Online which has subsequently been taken up in other areas of the business, including its American sites in California and Arizona. In one application T Cards Online displays the status of MRO jobs and allows multiple users in different locations to log-on and access the same information. Every action is logged ensuring accountability for each stage of a task, enabling instant access to the reasons for any job falling behind schedule.

Meggitt Team Leader Arran Davis commented,

“Having the status of all the repair orders displayed clearly in the office and on the shop floor has been a real bonus for everyone involved. It’s easy to update and edit. Getting information quicker on the whereabouts of units has made a big difference to the service we provide”.

The diversity of the system is also evident at Photronix Ltd; manufacturers of high-quality printed circuit boards and now one of the leading PCB suppliers in the UK. Photronix Managing Director Alan Millard believes that managing the progress of jobs simply and effectively is essential and this has had a direct effect on the growth of his business.

Alan confirmed,

“T Cards has been a big success in the way we manage day-to-day enquires and the people at T Cards Online have been really helpful with their personal support. The system continues to be developed and some of the new features have made big improvements to the way we work, freeing up time to develop the business.”

For thousands of companies, the traditional manual T Card system has proved to be an excellent tool giving companies clarity to the status of jobs and resources with minimal effort and cost. The beauty of the system is its simplicity and adaptability because it can be configured very easily providing benefits almost immediately and with virtually little, or no training.

These benefits are particularly important when margins are being squeezed and trading conditions are tough. But equally when companies are flat out (maximising their resource) the same is true. T Cards MD Phil Heine comments, “We find that during challenging conditions there is increased interest in T Card Systems. Companies find it even more important to have a way of visual communication confirming what is going on, what stage jobs are at and making sure workflow is as streamlined as possible. Sometimes a manual T Board for less than £100 can bring big benefits in providing clear and precise information”.

T Cards Online has been the next, natural progression for many companies. Since the launch nearly 10 years ago it has become the effective way of managing tasks and resources for a variety of applications. Most members of staff relate to the manual T Cards having used them for many years. The same benefits of a “GO TO BOARD” can be realised with the added advantages of the background functionality that goes with a web-based system.

This year T Cards Online has had a big relaunch with new features and even more functionality with the quick access APP, “What If” Scenarios, and integration with other software such as MRP, or ERP systems. T Cards Online has been specifically developed so that it is easy to customise to client requirements rather than the “One Size Fits All”. In that why companies can create their own simple system to give them a clear picture of their business.

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