Sustainable water management from RainWater Harvesting

With changing weather patterns and urban growth stress is being placed on UK water supplies. Future building projects should have design criteria which takes into account Sustainable Water Management.

Rainwater collected off the roof,filtered and stored in an underground tank can be used for any non-potable application.

This includes toilet flushing, washing machines and outdoor usage accounting for 50 per cent of mains water in a domestic home. In business properties this can rise to 85 per cent. There is no requirement to use drinking quality water to flush a toilet.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd design and manufacture mains back up systems in the UK for the UK market. The award winning gravity fed Rain Director® is user friendly,feature rich and ensures water in any eventuality.

Over the past eighteen months we have been designing and trialling a new product. Rain Activ® combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting with a calculated SUDS element. Excess water will be held in the underground harvesting tank and enter the network at a controlled rate. If the water table becomes critical Rain Activ® will prevent further release until the flood risk subsides.

The product meets all the demand criteria for the 100 year storm scenarios and production will be available this year.