Supercar for the weekend? Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Plumb Center and Stelrad Radiators are combining to offer heating installers and engineers the experience of a lifetime! Most people have the secret desire to cruise through their town or to impress their friends by turning up for a ‘do’ in a Ferrari or similar mega car! Well now they just might get the chance to live out their dreams.

To celebrate the realigning of radiator prices that will see the best-selling Stelrad Elite and Compact radiators available for 20% less than previously charged through Plumb Center branches, Plumb Center and Stelrad Radiators is offering all installers who purchase more than 50 radiators from Plumb Center from the 1st August until the end of January 2014 the chance to win a supercar for the weekend.

Mailers announcing the promotion have been sent to 20,000 selected Plumb Center customers. There are three levels of prize available with one supercar for the weekend available to the winner in each category – three super cars in all. Buy more than 50 radiators before the end of January 2014 you qualify to be picked for the bronze award, more than 100, the silver award and more than 150 radiators and you qualify to be eligible to be selected for the gold award. All the cars available to the winners are stunning, but they grow in the degree of ‘stunningness’ depending on the number of radiators you buy in that time frame. There is only one prize in each category of award – and you have to be in it, to win it!

The bronze award winner for example could choose to drive the quite wonderful new Jaguar F-Type V8 Supercharged model for the weekend. The silver award winner could pick say a Bentley GT from Friday afternoon until Monday morning! And the Gold winner? Well yes, they could select from a phenomenal Ferrari F458, a moody McLaren MP4-12C or a luscious Lamborghini LP570 Superleggera – and just sit in it if they wish, imagining they are their sporting hero, who drives one of these every day to the training ground! A truly magnificent set of prizes up for grabs…

To register for the promotion installers must enter their details at Prizes are subject to the kind of terms and conditions you’d expect when winning a superb prize like this which are available on the website.

“It’s a fabulous opportunity for installers who buy radiators anyway, to buy quality products, for less, and have the opportunity of a weekend experience of a lifetime,”

says Stelrad Marketing Manager Sarah Baker.

“We’re pleased to be working with Plumb Center on this promotion and really looking forward to handing over the keys for the weekend to the winners.”

Winners will actually have until the end of January 2015 to take their prize, allowing them to carefully plan the experience to perhaps coincide with a special birthday, anniversary or event – although some winners might want to get this kind of experience under their belts as soon as possible!