Style and substance, achieving more than just waterproofing with Soprema

Creativity and innovation are reshaping entire industries;  the rapidly growing creative economy and ever increasing demand from UK and EU construction regulations and carbon reduction targets, provide far greater architectural challenges, no matter the project. With so many considerations to be made, the requirement for technologically advanced construction materials is rapidly growing.

One of the many challenges faced in modern construction  is  the sourcing  of materials that are not only fit for purpose in a functional sense, but that also contribute to the design and aesthetics of a structure to allow for greater architectural freedom.

Technological advances in waterproofing membranes have revolutionised design and reduced boundaries that could limit the design of a structure. In response to the growing necessity for waterproofing  products that retain the spirit of traditional materials, yet accommodate modern methods of construction and design,  Soprema has developed a new and extensive  range of hybrid waterproofing systems. These systems create a seamless barrier to water ingress and penetration, yet also contribute to the aesthetics of a structure, providing Specifiers with solutions that rival conventional specifications. With three  different waterproofing ranges available: cold applied liquid, synthetic, and bituminous, each compatible with the other, Soprema have a waterproofing solution for even the most challenging and complex designs.

As a part of Soprema’s innovative offering;  their best selling Copper & Silver Art synthetic waterproofing systems are in demand more than ever, with an increasing number of  projects specified, each with their own individual motive and purpose for the Copper and Silver Art Systems to be installed.

From Church Cupola’s to international sports facilities, the creative liberty these products provide whilst also providing the functionality and beauty of traditional materials is unrivalled. Further information is available at or call 08451 948 727 to speak to a specification consultant regarding how these innovative waterproofing systems can benefit your project.