SteelSeal from AkzoNobel makes a ‘complex’ difference

Our American cousins voted Chester as the fifth prettiest city in Europe. Not bad. Within a short gallop of Chester’s famous racecourse is the Quadrant which is a self-contained detached office building nestling on the entrance to the Chester West Business Park. The complex has undergone an extensive refurbishment to provide high calibre office space to a host of businesses. The new aesthetic upgrade would be placed in the capable hands of local Chester company D&D Coatings.

Founded in 1997 by Paul Drinkwater and Walter Dean, D&D Coatings have developed into one of the UK’s leading industrial painting contractors. They are extremely proud to be approved by many of the major surface treatment producers including AkzoNobel, enjoying an exceptional working relationship with the Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer. Their highly-trained and experienced workforce means they always provide work of the highest standard, no matter how tight the deadlines. Their hard-earned reputation has been built on professionalism and a friendly style, where quality workmanship and client service are an integral part of their day-to-day approach. This hand in glove attitude synergistically embraces the very ethos that AkzoNobel constantly promote with their customers.

Paul Drinkwater, Managing Director, D&D Coatings commenting on the Quadrant project said,

“We worked closely with our client right from the very beginning. We were involved in the colour selection process for the exterior cladding, window frames and so on. The transformation from dull 1980s business units to fresh, modern and contemporary offices was incredible”

It would be a development that would suit AkzoNobel’s SteelSeal Primers and SteelSeal Topcoats perfectly.

Paul Drinkwater went onto further add,

“We amazed ourselves and received much acclaim from all stakeholders and believe much of the success in this project is due to the AkzoNobel SteelSeal system we used there”.

AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years. SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including coil coated finished such as; PVC, polyester, silicone polyester and pvf2 coated substrates and primed aluminium. The breakdown of the original factory applied coating is very gradual, and timely maintenance with SteelSeal can further increase the cost-effectiveness of cladding products.

Commenting on the choice of coatings for various projects Paul Drinkwater went on to further say,

“SteelSeal from AkzoNobel is our coating of choice. This is due to the weather resistance it provides and its versatility in the colour matching process. It’s scratch resistant and very robust at withstanding harsh weather conditions. The semi-gloss finish gives stunning results every time and requires repainting less frequently than other systems”.

Ian Crawford, Sales Manager, AkzoNobel said,

“working closely alongside customers like D&D Coatings affords us the opportunity to deliver the high levels of support and technical advice that we pride ourselves on. The Quadrant project was a prime example of that customer collaboration”.

As the march of time continues the Quadrant in Chester, like most other building complexes is exposed to the vagaries of the British weather. Paul Drinkwater went onto further explain,

“twenty-four months after completing the project we are happy to report we’ve had no issues with the areas we treated and our client is very satisfied with how the system is performing”.

The SteelSeal system enables longer periods between repainting, thus reducing the overall cost of building maintenance.

SteelSeal 4VC Primer is used as the patch primer and full coat priming after preparing the original coil finish. It is a high build, single-pack primer based on pigmented moisture curing urethane pre-polymer in aromatic and polar solvents. Intended as the primer on a variety of pre-finished cladding, including: Plastisol, Pvf2, Silicone Polyester, Polyurethanes and certain Acrylic coatings. It comes in a 5-litre pack and is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey or Off-White colours and is formulated to be used in conjunction with AkzoNobel’s’ SteelSeal Topcoat.

SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF Series is a semi-gloss, high-build topcoat based on pigmented synthetic polymers in bland solvents. It is specially formulated for use on cladding where resistance to weathering, mild chemicals and water is required. SteelSeal Topcoat is highly versatile and through the AkzoNobel colour match service, it can be matched to a myriad of colours including BS4800, RAL and NCS colour palettes. SteelSeal comes in 10 Litre pails, has excellent weathering properties and a life expectancy of up to ten years. The topcoat is tinted to order with an approximate lead time of 3-4 working days.

Paul Drinkwater finally said,

“we have used SteelSeal from AkzoNobel on many projects over recent years, including a large distribution warehouse for UK clothes and home retailer NEXT, in Warrington and would definitely specify it again”.

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