Steeling’ the scene with AkzoNobel

Working hand-in-hand with architects and supplying quality coating products that have been specified to the highest tolerances is key to the success of a host of construction and building projects. In many cases it’s the final touch that finishes the project to the high standards the client expects.

When Tameside Council decided that an industrial estate they owned in Ashton-Under-Lyme needed some crucial rejuvenation they turned to Blackburn-based AkzoNobel to provide the coatings solution they were seeking to re-fresh the units on the estate.

Working closely with the Council’s Architects Department, AkzoNobel would be providing their SteelSeal coatings system to help create a more vibrant look to the tired-looking Charlestown Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Ashton-under-Lyme. The industrial units on the estate would need re-painting in order to breathe new life into the look of the buildings. It would be a project that would suit AkzoNobel’s SteelSeal Primers and SteelSeal Topcoats perfectly.

Ian Crawford, Sales Manager, AkzoNobel commented,

“A new estate was being built adjacent to the existing site and Tameside Council wanted to renew and refurbish the appearance of their Charlestown Industrial Estate. The council wanted to uplift the colours, together with renewing and rejuvenating the existing dark brown, very dated appearance to a much more modern look”.

Winning the project on specification and reputation, AkzoNobel supplied their SteelSeal Primer 4VC and SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF.

AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years. SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including coil coated finished such as; PVC, polyester, silicone polyester and pvf2 coated substrates and primed aluminium. The breakdown of the original factory applied coating is very gradual, and timely maintenance with SteelSeal can further increase the cost-effectiveness of cladding products.

SteelSeal 4VC Primer is used as the patch primer and full coat priming after preparing the original coil finish. It is a high build, single-pack primer based on pigmented moisture curing urethane pre-polymer in aromatic and polar solvents. Intended as the primer on a variety of pre-finished cladding, including: Plastisol, Pvf2, Silicone Polyester, Polyurethanes and certain Acrylic coatings. It comes in a 5 litre pack and is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey or Off-White colours and is formulated to be used in conjunction with AkzoNobels’ SteelSeal Topcoat.

SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF Series is a semi-gloss, high-build topcoat based on pigmented synthetic polymers in bland solvents. It is specially formulated for use on cladding where resistance to weathering, mild chemicals and water is required. SteelSeal Topcoat is highly versatile and through the AkzoNobel colour match service, it can be matched to a myriad of colours including BS4800, RAL and NCS colour palettes. SteelSeal comes in 10 Litre pails, has excellent weathering properties and a life expectancy of up to ten years. The topcoat is tinted to order with an approximate lead time of 3-4 working days.

The SteelSeal system enables longer periods between repainting, thus reducing the overall cost of building maintenance. This would in itself be a great benefit to Tameside Council in reducing overall lifetime maintenance and costs.

Ian Crawford went onto finally comment,

“SteelSeal is also a nominated supplier to Tata Steel for use on over-coating their coil coated sheets. It’s a tried and tested system that delivers every time”.

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. Calling on centuries of expertise, they supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and sustainable technologies designed to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing planet.