Steel Doors are on the way!

We are very excited to be introducing a steel door to our products later this year with some exciting new textures and finishes including a rust, black, bronze and leather options with sizes up to 2m wide. Available for delivery in early 2019.

In which situation does a metal door work? 

  1. Rendered homes with grey slate roofing and black, grey or rust windows 
  2. Homes with an element of copper, stone, rust or steel cladding or trim 
  3. Homes where an impact is needed for example if the frontage has no interest at all.
  4. Homes with oversized doors which need a ‘wow’ factor 
  5. Homes with an architectural glazed wall 

Choosing the right finish for your door? 

  1. A mood board would be a great idea: this will help take into account external and internal finishes.
  2. Marrying all the accessories around the door so that the whole thing works as a whole –includes the handle.
  3. The texture of the finish can be quite impactful so making sure the texture works is also essential. 
  4. Sample and more samples – making sure you have a big enough sample.


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