Steel contractor doubled the speed of construction

Bellapart developed, fabricated and installed the striking geometric facade that provides office workers with expansive views of the surrounding area and allows natural daylight into all floors of the building.

Engineers specified Lindapter’s Type AF high slip resistant clamps for securing the framework for the panels because of the product’s adjustability, high strength capacity and durability. The lateral adjustability of the clamps allowed the contractors to quickly slide the framework into position before tightening the clamps to secure the frame in place. The process was standardised and repeated throughout the project and Bellapart were said to have completed the installation in half the time it would typically take when using conventional connection methods.

In addition to doubling the speed of installation and reducing labour costs, further savings were achieved by avoiding on-site drilling or welding and therefore eliminating the need for specialist labour, equipment and hot work permits, which often cause delays.

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