Specify an electrically automated garage door, with Garador’s GaraMatic Canopy Operator

Specifying an electrically automated garage door has just become a lot quicker and easier to do. Garador have launched a revolutionary new product called the GaraMatic Canopy Operator. This new electric operator is designed specifically to automate Garador’s canopy up and over garage doors; making it easier for specifiers and architects to specify either a canopy or retractable garage door for a development.

Garador still recommends purchasing a retractable up and over garage door, if a homeowner wants to automate their garage door when they purchase it. But the introduction of the GaraMatic Canopy Operator means that it is possible to quickly and easily retrofit an up and over garage door with canopy lifting gear, something that wasn’t always the case.

In the past, homeowners looking to retrofit an up and over garage door with an operator had to use a bow arm kit. Which involved fixing a large metal arm to the back of the garage door panel; which was bulky and as a consequence meant that there was reduced drive-through height. The new design doesn’t have a bow arm, but rather an activating arm which sits behind the top edge of the garage door so you get full drive-through height.

With full drive through height and full opening height, homeowners don’t have to crouch down to avoid the bow arm and can even open their garage door from the comfort of their car; a real benefit for those looking to park their car inside their garage without getting out of the car on a cold, rainy winter’s evening.

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