Specify a garage door that takes security to the next level!

Upgrade the security of a home with a garage door with one of Garador’s Secured by Design (SBD) approved Guardian garage doors. These up and over steel garage doors, manufactured with Garador’s recognised exceptional engineering and technical expertise, have all been specifically designed with security and protection in mind. Made in high quality resilient steel, the doors incorporate a range of additional features to deter the most determined burglar or criminal.

One of the weakest points on a garage door is the locking system. Lock snapping, involving breaking the cylinder to manipulate the lock open, is a common method of entry used by burglars. Garador has specifically addressed this in their Guardian range by introducing special reinforced plates for lock body protection plus a secure euro cylinder with solid locking rods.  On top of that, the cylinder features an anti-snap, anti-drill design plus a sacrificial front. This will prevent entry even after an attack. The doors also feature a number of additional security features including a strong box section chassis and extra bracing for additional strength and resilience. 

Garador’s Guardian range of garage doors all come with full SBD accreditation. SBD stands for Secured by Design and is a security standard set by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Garador was the very first company in the UK to introduce garage doors that fully complied with this standard.

 In the Garador Guardian range, there are three main designs, Horizon, Carlton and Salisbury. With a range of attractive features, it is now possible to find the perfect looking high secure garage door for any home, traditional or modern. In the Salisbury range, windows have been added without compromising security, available in solid black for additional privacy.

A wide range of colours and finishes plus various options are available for every door in Garador’s Guardian steel up and over range of garage doors.

Find out more by visiting the Garador website, or call 01935 443722 for specific information.