Solar storage guidance launched at key time in PV market

Two new best practice guides launched in London today by the BRE National Solar Centre will help solar PV installers and consumers select, install and operate battery storage systems so they work at optimum levels with Solar PV systems.

The guides are issued at a key time in the market with almost 1 million PV installations now in place across the UK with 10GW of capacity. This increased uptake coupled with a significant drop in battery prices means owners are looking for storage options so they can access solar energy at all times of the day.

Director of the BRE National Solar Centre Jonny Williams said:

‘Battery storage systems are starting to become a viable option for domestic and small commercial installations. These guides explain how the systems work and how to choose the right system for the right application. Ultimately battery storage for PV will help people and businesses get the best return on their investments so making the right decisions is crucial.’

The installers guide Batteries with Solar Power – A Technical Guide to the use of Energy Storage with Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems covers the requirements of battery systems for domestic and small commercial customers. It looks at different battery types, DC and AC coupling, sizing, safety, common terms and language, charging profiles, system operation, design and install requirements, operation and maintenance.

The BRE Solar Storage Guide for consumers and small businesses (which is free to download) has been developed with input from the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) in line with their consumer protection advice. It gives information on how battery systems work and the pros and cons of different designs. It also includes a helpful 20 questions to ask your installer section.

Production of the guides has been sponsored by the following organisations: Enphase, Fronius, Schneider, Victron and Wattstor. The BRE National Solar Centre would also like to thank contributors Poweri and all of those who responded to its public consultation on battery storage last year which has helped inform the guides.