Solar Powered Natural Ventilation by GDL

Our Solarstore Units, part of our Intelivent natural ventilation range, utilise solar power to assist in the effective operation of our natural ventilation systems. This method is an energy efficient and cost-effective way to increase the ventilation rate throughout the building, rather than incorporating a costly mechanical arrangement.

A solar photovoltaic cell is located on the roof of the turret itself allowing 24-hour supply or extract ventilation. This can work in harmony with the Intelivent Wall Unit or as a standalone product using the downflow effect, whereby fresh air circulates and stale air is extracted via the roof-mounted Penthouse Turrets.

GDL’s Solarstore system allows increased ventilation in summer and at times of high occupancy, and also improves the effectiveness of night-time cooling. This method of ventilation is particularly effective in open spaces with a high occupancy including school class rooms, university lecture theatres, gymnasiums, sports halls, supermarkets and warehouses.

GDL recently installed our Intelivent Solarstore Units and Solarpipe Units at Auckinleck New Community and Day Care Centre. Wind and solar power have been used to generate cost savings providing low energy consumption, low operating costs and low maintenance costs.

Our Solarpipe is used in conjunction with the penthouse turrets to provide both lighting and controlled ventilation within the community centre.

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