Smart underfloor heating: The new Raychem SENZ thermostats optimise energy usage

The new Raychem SENZ range of responsive thermostats allows installers to optimise energy efficiency in floor heating systems. The technology is designed to offer homeowners an effective way to manage and monitor energy usage through an easy-to-use display and wifi-enabled app. 

Andrew McGrath, Regional Sales Manager UK/Ireland explains,

“Feedback from our customers showed that, as homeowners become more aware of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of reducing energy usage in their home, they are looking more at smart heating technology. The new Raychem SENZ range is an easy and effective way for consumers to monitor and control how much energy they use from week-to-week.”

Raychem’s new SENZ range is available with an innovative touchscreen functionality and wifi capability, allowing users to quickly respond to changing temperatures in the home and adjust their underfloor heating accordingly. The technology works though several pre-set programs, which can be automatically adjusted to start when a certain temperature is reached.

With the SENZ range, homeowners can monitor underfloor heating consumption for the past week, month and year, to help understand and optimise energy usage and efficiency. In addition, the SENZ-WIFI system can connect up to 32 zones or rooms, enabling homeowners to manage settings simply by touching or swiping options on-screen, via a smartphone or tablet. The free Raychem floor heating app, which has customisable preferences, offers energy monitoring settings and further adaptive functions.

The thermostats work with floor sensors from 2-100kΩ, making them the perfect choice for new build and renovation projects. Installers can also easily upgrade to SENZ, thanks to its compatibility with existing floor heating systems. SENZ offers a safe choice for homeowners, carrying a 12-year, total care warranty, which increases to 20 years when installed by a certified PRO partner. The smartphone-style functionality of the technology also allows easy operation and set-up for installers.

Raychem SENZ features a full colour, touch-screen display, to add a modern design element. It is also supplied with a sleek black cover to complement any home – and an alternative white cover, for use with switchgear systems, is also included.

McGrath continued “Linking through to the app or simply via the display itself means that homeowners have more control of their underfloor heating systems, which is a significant advantage over traditional thermostats. We hope that using SENZ technology will help encourage homeowners to look at their own energy savings and maintain control over their costs, without compromising on performance or usability.”

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