Sim Van der Ryn Reflects on 50 years of architectural design in new book from Routledge

In a new book published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis, well-known architect Sim Van der Ryn has gathered his most compelling essays and addresses from the last fifty years into one accessible volume. Culture, Architecture and Nature: An Ecological Design Retrospective looks at the pioneering ideas that underpin Van der Ryn’s ecological design philosophy.

Culture, Architecture and Nature offers a unique decade-by-decade retrospective of the key issues in environmental design, beginning with the most recent years and looking back to the 1960s, covering everything from the author’s keynote speeches to his journal articles. With an introductory chapter and further recommended reading for each decade, this book is key reading for any architect or designer practicing today, and students will find a wealth of knowledge with which to support their studies.

Van der Ryn’s beautiful illustrations, presented chronologically alongside the chapters, offer further insight into the way he understands the challenges of humanity’s stewardship of our planet.

Jane Elkington, Sustainability Scholar-in-Residence at the Institute of Creativity and Innovation, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, notes that:

“Our goal as designers is to evolve; observing Sim’s evolution provides a model of hope, perseverance, and dignity. Lean on this book for inspiration, comfort, and courage.”

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