Sika’s rapid-apply system accelerates delivery of high-quality floor to Rolls Royce plant

Sikafloor supplied a seamless, rapid-apply, non-slip surface to ensure production at a Rolls Royce car assembly plant continued without interruption.

Contractor, Zircon Flooring, was chosen to refurbish 14,000m2 of industrial flooring at the vehicle production site in Chichester, West Sussex. The client required a surface with a detailed, high-quality finish. With durability and low-maintenance among its many other benefits, Sikafloor’s high-quality resin system proved ideal for the project.

A flooring installation of such magnitude presented a number of challenges which had to be overcome if the contractor was to meet the client’s strict 18-day deadline and ensure minimal disruption to the plant’s day-to-day running. It meant Sikafloor had to live-up to its easy-to-apply, high-performance billing to ensure the testing timetable of works was adhered to.

Sparks shall not fly

To overcome random static charges which can affect sensitive electrical components and wreak havoc on a busy car production line, Sika provided its Sikafloor®-262AS, a two-part electrostatically conductive textured epoxy coating for the floor’s refurbishment. With good chemical and mechanical resistance, this slip-resistant flooring system is designed to deliver the ultimate in static control and has an excellent reputation in industries where there is sensitive electronic equipment such as hospitals, TV studios and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Sikafloor®-262 AS is a decorative and protective anti-static coating which is available in an unlimited choice of colour shades. The unique high-build system comprises Sikafloor®-161 primer, Sikafloor®-220W conductive coat, Sikafloor®-262 AS wearing course, and Sikafloor®-263 SL, a two-part, multipurpose binder based on epoxy resin.

As well as its excellent technical and aesthetic properties, the Sikafloor system has a ‘refreshability’ option to extend its lifecycle, thus providing a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to the installation of a complete new floor.

For the Rolls Royce project, Zircon prepared the concrete substrate by mechanically shot-blasting and diamond-grinding the surface using dust-controlled methods to ensure plant operations elsewhere were not affected. Sikafloor®-161 primer was then applied, followed by Sikafloor®-263 SL multipurpose binder.

Once levels were checked and grinded as required, Sikafloor® Earthing Kit, a conductor system comprising copper earthing tapes and points, was installed. A layer of Sikafloor®-220W anti-static primer was added, and once cured, the flooring was finished with Sikafloor®-262AS to a nominal thickness of 2mm.

Surface supreme

With work starting in December and continuing during the festive period, 7,000m2 of existing floor had to be ground-off before relaying could start, with Zircon’s teams working throughout the night to ensure the project’s completion in readiness for the New Year and the site’s return to full operation. To further minimalise disruption, Sika and Zircon employed a detailed project management programme. This was drawn-up with full client agreement in order for work to be scheduled around the plant’s production needs.

This effective project management meant the intensive refurbishment was completed to the given deadline and the client’s full satisfaction. The superb new floor stands as a smart, seamless, showcase for the versatility and durability of Sika’s exemplary flooring range.